A terrorist attack is planned on oil tanks in the Rhine harbor


The alleged purpose of the attack is located directly in the border triangle at the Rhine harbor. (Image: Google Maps)

In January, the EI wanted to commit a terrorist attack on the oil tanks in the Rhine port. Safe data from Syrian fighters to show this.

The secret documents show that the main forces of the terrorist militia were planning attacks in Europe. Among them was Basel in January the target of an attack. According to the Tagesanzeiger, the data were found on a hard disk left by the terrorist militia "Islamic State", which gives indications of an attack on steel tanks in the port of Reno, in Basel.

Specific destination: Rheinhafen Basel

The delicate aerial photo was taken from a hard drive that left a terrorist militia fighter after a defeat in the east against the Syrian military. The Sunday Times has now been able to evaluate the information. An aerial photo showing the coordinates of the oil storage facility in Rheinhafen, Basel, can be seen there. This is located directly in the region of the triple border.

According to an EI commander in a letter, that means he has ready-made militants ready to carry out the operation "away from the Islamic State." It should also contain satellite images of the Rhine harbor in Basel. The purpose of the attack: unleash an "economic catastrophe," as the diary writes even more.

The federal government intelligence service commented on the "Tagesanzeiger" behavior: "We do not currently have any additional information about the possible attacks and other content of these documents," a spokeswoman said. If this was the case in the past remains unanswered. It is said that the Swiss ports of the Rhine did not manifest themselves.

Did the accident prevent a catastrophe?

Why did not come to an attack is uncertain. Possible thesis: Last year, the tanks were dismantled before the planned attack. Today there is only a fallow. In the Satelitenbild the giant cylinders are still visible. E: Also directly in the vicinity of the stopping target are oil tanks for temporary storage.


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