4: 1 win in the second leg – Liverpool lackluster in CL's semi-final


These are the semi-final duels


These are the semi-final duels


Liverpool lost everything in the return match at Porto, which was shown to perfection in so many matches this season. High pressure, fast switching set and dangerous finalizations. No trace of it all.

Cold-blooded Liverpool

Because they once again relied on their offensive trident, the Reds effortlessly brought the 2-0 cushion of the first match. Sadio Mané in the front and Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, after the interval, made 3 goals in the few chances of the visitors. Virgil van Dijk scored in the final moments for the final score of 4: 1.

Jürgen Klopp should have been the lean and playful diet, which delivered his team accordingly, no matter. In addition to the range of Firmino with the interval, the German failed to attack. Like a week ago, Xherdan Shaqiri was not used.

Porto runs in vain

While the "Reds" played in the semifinals, the Portuguese on the other side had to feel in the wrong movie. Knowing the mortgage from the first hand, they tried their luck in the attack from the beginning.

Jesus Corona saw his whistle pass over the crossbar for only 32 seconds, Moussa Marega had 2 good chances after a quarter of an hour. If Porto had used only one of those early opportunities, it might have added some tension to the bill.

Transmission Reference: SRF two, sportlive, 17.04.2019, 20:10


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