20 minutes – «The man chasing the woman» – «No, he shows feelings»


Last week, six men at the club discussed SRF's "manhood in crisis." The fact that the women were not able to participate in the debate caused criticism, so six participants were invited on Tuesday. After the men attacked in person, the women remained factual, but also fought violently.


Should a man show emotions?

"I think it's great when a man can show his emotions," said comedian and hostess Stéphanie Berger. "Men who want to be successful and who define themselves as successful, seem to me poor, are strongly oriented to the outside world and not to the interior." Women deal much more with themselves.

«I can not do anything with Jammeris»

That did not fit the Jetset Lady Vera Dillier: "I do not tolerate such miseries." "Yes, empathy, but in my experience sentimental men are very cold when it comes to that, and tough males are sensitive and loving. hunter, the deer woman, who is hunted.This is a good game, if now comes a pabulum – well ".

Even Gilette's controversial spot, which criticized "toxic masculinity," was a point of contention. For sex consultant Caroline Fux, he was "solemn" and directed against bullying and violence. Berger found the place "great," he had the statement, "Do not be an idiot."

«Most men do not beat women»

Columnist Tamara Wernli saw the most negative point, masculinity is represented as negative in general. "Most men do not beat up women and do not become arrogant. They are frustrated by now being blamed for the mistakes of some idiots."

For the theologian Ina Praetorius, however, the criticism of men is understandable. "We have a patriarchal society for so long now that women are finally able to express themselves publicly, of course anger erupts."

Men should be gentlemen and protectors

"And what do you want from a man?" Asked moderator Barbara Lüthi in the end. Berger wants a gentleman. "It means that he respects other people, has morality, is by his errors and is purposeful, but the whole thing with euphemism."

For Wernli, however, it is attractive whether the man can fix a faucet, change a light bulb or capture a spider. "Even the emancipated woman wants a protector."

She has one at home, says farmer Manuela Barmettler. She takes care of the children and the house, she takes care of the animals and the farm. "We complement each other and have a common goal, I think it's great. We talked and we got together.



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