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20 minutes – New name for Rusticana because of bad image

Host couple Firat and Songül Özuc didn't hear the tip from restaurant tester Daniel Bumann. Since July, the old Rusticana restaurant in Aathal, near Seegräben ZH, takes its name from Antica Osteria. This name change was announced by Özuc on the show "Bumann the Restaurant Tester", which blinked Monday night on the 3+ for the first time on screen.

Daniel Bumann had made it clear during the spring visit: "You don't need a new name, just a clean flashlight," he said, standing in front of the restaurant with Firat Özuc, looking at the lamp in the doorway. If the financial situation was already scarce, he would never recommend throwing away the money needed to change his name. “It costs 7,000 to 10,000 francs.” Instead, the chef recommended adding the word pizzeria to the letters.

Negative comments

But Özuc decided otherwise and renamed the restaurant after renaming it Nuova Rusticana before Bumann's visit – to make the most of the old establishment. Because: "We couldn't delete negative reviews on Google and Tripadvisor," Özuc said 20 minutes ago. The restaurant's ruined reputation has put enormous pressure on him and his wife. But now it goes up: "We are sorry about the renaming. Sales are growing.

Bumann also seemed pleased with his visit. He said the place would work. This was determined by the restaurant tester because he had guests in the restaurant during his visit. The restaurant owner was also pleased with the cuisine. "The connection can be so bad, if the lamp is clean and the effort is high, it can go up the mountain," said the restaurant tester.

Guests accept name change

Go up the hill, says Özuc. Increasingly, he could welcome new guests to his restaurant. "They think it's a good idea to change the name." But financially, he says, he's not where he wants to be. He doesn't mean how much money Özuc spent on the renaming: "It cost enough."

He learned a lot from Bumann's visit, though he didn't always agree with him – not even by naming him.

The restaurant tester's visit is anything but a given. The fact that the restaurant tester stops at a restaurant a second time is an exception. He said it was precisely because of the previous story, a special concern to allow the young host couple to restart.


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