20 minutes – «I could not even slip»


He is number one in the annual ranking and does not dare too much for the next tournament. He won the French Open once and says he did not even know how to slip.

Federer wins in Miami 101 tournament

Of course, Roger exaggerates Federer's smile by making that statement after winning the tournament in Miami, but makes it clear where he will start preparing the sandal from the start. "I have to rebuild everything," he says.

Two days in the sand in two years

Federer's decision to play on clay for the first time since 2016 brought the following question to the center: what can he still do on his weakest base, where he won eleven titles? He says, "I'm not very confident in this sand season."

All Roger Federer Tracks

The reason is obvious. Three years ago, he had to cancel because of knee problems, which later forced him to the six-month break. Two years ago, he spent two days in the sand, and last year he hit "not a single ball."

Madrid, Paris – and more?

Following the successful US trip to the Indian Wells finals and triumph in Miami, Federer rests a few days before resuming training. His next release is scheduled for early May in Madrid.

Where the sand season will take you next to Madrid and Paris (French Open) is not clear. Federer must compete between the Masters tournament in Rome. Even though he seems relaxed and free of pressure in the coming weeks, as he says himself: expecting him to be ambitious in these tournaments would be wrong.


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