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20 minutes – detonated against politicians from Juso and SP

Shock at the Young Socialists: On Saturday, unknown people set and detonated an explosive device in the mailbox of the President of Canton Juso of Solothurn. As Solothurn Juso writes on his Facebook page, this has caused a fire in the building. "If a local resident noticed the fire only three minutes later, the whole house would be on fire."

According to Facebook's entry, the same action was also carried out by Franziska Roth, chairman of the cantonal party of SP Solothurn. Also the victims of an explosive device was the mailbox of the President of SP Solothurn-Liberators.

"It must have been massive Böller," says Roth's cantonal adviser, Roth, to the "Solothurner Zeitung." Because the whole house where she lives, she heard the crash. Roth also says that a few weeks ago a black cross was painted in his felt-pen mailbox – like the other two politicians. They are worried that a person could have been harmed if that were next to the mailbox. Roth does not want to speculate about the facts of the crime. She could imagine, however, that the attacks had to do with May 1.

Juso condemns attack

Meanwhile, Lara Frey, president of Solothurn Juso, contacts via Facebook. She writes to the perpetrators, "Next time think of how many people you endanger with such weak minded actions!" And his party writes: "We find this not only cruel and vile, but also cowardly, for concrete violence." Form an insidious criminal fire, especially since the act was carried out anonymously.

What's more, someone would change political activities anyway. Bullying is not a democratic medium. "We absolutely have to suppress such actions at the root, otherwise the consequences will be fatal."

«This frightens us»

Tamara Funiciello, president of Juso Switzerland, is also shocked. It severely condemns the attack: "It frightens us. If one tries forcibly to suppress political opinions, our democracy is in danger." It should not be that the politically engaged young people were intimidated. "What is happening here is beyond good and evil." Juso Solothurn is in contact with the police and clarifies the way forward. She has no idea who the criminals are.

But it's already the second incident in a few weeks that makes you think. According to Funiciello, a member of Juso in Canton of Schwyz recently invaded and stole a banner.

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