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Zinedine Zidane furious after Real Madrid defeat

Zidane furious after the loss

inAndreas Käck

Loss against the next Rayo Vallecano line.

Then Zinedine Zidane takes the saw.

– I usually defend my players, but tonight they will not, says the coach of Real Madrid.

Barcelona secured the title, Atletico Madrid in second place and Real Madrid in third place, so there is nothing to play.

But the effort against Rayo Vallecano next year makes Zidane look red.

"We can not play like this. Do not do. And it's not just the players' responsibility, I'm also guilty because it's me who leads the team to prepare them for the match. Tonight we did exactly the opposite of what we say, says the Frenchman.

Focus on the burden

Adri Embarba scored the only penalty goal in the 23rd minute.

Real Madrid had only three shots to goal and at the press conference later, many of the issues about Gareth Bale handled and if he got the thoughts on the right things.

"You should ask him," Zidane replies.

Then he continues to see the stake.

"We did not create anything. From first to last minute. We must be very, very angry with ourselves now. At least I know I'm angry. It destroys our reputation. We have to apologize to fans for the action tonight.

"Must show respect"

On the question of what was the worst thing about the effort, he responds:

All. Attitude, everything. We do not run, we do not win duels, we do not do anything we said before the game.

He continues:

– I also want the season to end, but we still have games to play and we have to respect them. We can not end the season in this way and present ourselves this way, Zidane says.

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