Young man takes pills for erection problems – Urology


Last year, 2,515 men recovered revenue for power at ages 20-29. This is a sharp increase compared to just four years ago when the equivalent was 1,530.

But what this increase is due to not knowing health care.

"All we can do is speculate," says Mats Holmberg, an endocrinologist at Anova, Stockholm County Council's reception for andrology, trans and sexual medicine.

Probably, he says, the increase is linked to major changes in society.

"There are a number of trends that one can think of doing." For example, the interest in sex among young people declines, it shows a number of major international studies, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for men with low qualifications to know one partner and have children, "says Mats Holmberg.

The lust of young men is supported by RFSU data that more and more of these men seek help for lack of sex.

Regardless of the increase, the increase is amazing because erection problems are usually strongly related to age. The older a man becomes, the harder it will be to get and maintain an erection. In normal cases, a 20-year-old should not have such problems.

"If a young man and another healthy person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is more likely that performance anxiety," says Mats Holmberg.

To get an erection, he says, you need to be able to relax.

The basic condition of the body is to have an erection. But as we do not want it all the time, the body has a stress barrier that we should be able to lift. It's almost like when you kiss a public restroom, something that most men have ever experienced as difficult. Then we also have to relax. It's exactly the same kind of barrier that prevents the bladder from being emptied all the time, a barrier that we have to lift when we're going to pee, "says Mats Holmberg.

Therefore, increased stress among young men may also be a possible cause of the increasing prescription of potency. But how this stress depends, no one knows.

"It may have to do with unrealistic expectations, for example, after eating pornography online, or that young people are increasingly seeing Viagra and other potency drugs as a" lifestyle drug "to become more sustainable," says Mats Holmberg.

Regardless, erection problems are still a sensitive area in which few men openly speak.

"It's linked to masculinity and it's still very intimidating," says Mats Holmberg.


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