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It was a controversial decision taken by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) earlier this year when it decided to retake the 118-year competition.

The voted proposal means that the classic tournament, established among 16 countries over the calendar year since 1900, will be a weekly event in which 18 nations make up the title. The first to leave is Madrid, Spain, next November.

"It's insane"

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Mats Wilander in the Davis Cup final between Sweden and West Germany in Scandinavia. Stock Photography.

Mats Wilander, a former tennis player and the Swedish Davis Cup team federation from 2002 to 2009, thinks the ITF should reconsider.

I think Davis Cup is in the middle of a reorganization, but not knowing exactly what it takes to get it back on track, says Wilander, who has won three finals against Sweden.

He says the Davis Cup should not compete with the ATP tour. The new format still means home and away matches, but only the first round. Wilander would rather see that he continued at least the semifinals.

The Davis Cup should consist of home and away matches and inspire local enthusiasts. For example, to remove Belgium's ability to play in a Davis Cup final and place them in the neutral field is crazy.

You'll miss the fans.

Wilander believes that a significantly larger proportion of viewers from home countries want to see their stars at home.

This is what little children who look at their mother and father will remember. I bet 50% of the top 100 players in the world watched the Davis Cup before watching, perhaps not Wimbledon, but certainly ahead of other (Grand) Slams or ATP tournaments.

Wilander receives support in his vision of the world Novak Djokovic, who won the competition in Serbia Belgrade at home, and will lose public support.

This game system at home and away was what attracted all the players and fans to this competition, "said Djokovic.


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