Want to stop child diabetes with insulin in food – News


Diabetes is a difficult disease to live with. Throughout life, you need to treat yourself with insulin and therefore it would be a great benefit to be able to prevent the disease, "says Helena Elding Larsson, a pediatrician at Skåne University Hospital who heads the study in Skåne.

About 750-850 children and adolescents fall ill every year in type 1 diabetes, which means that their own immune system attacks the body's insulin-producing cells. The children included in the study receive insulin along with food and drink.

It's a way of trying to get accustomed to the immune system of insulin so you do not develop antibodies, says Elding Larsson to the radio channel.

About 30 children, who carry genes that are at increased risk of diabetes, are currently included in the study. They were found having blood samples taken from the umbilical cord of about 2,000 newborns in Skåne since last summer.

The same study is being done in a total of six other places in Germany, Poland, UK and Belgium. The goal is to find a total of more than 1,000 children at an increased risk. The hope is to be able to present a result in 2025.


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