V75 is shot after giant property



Here's the ATG crash just hours before the jackpot of days.

The players could not send your system.

The problem caused a lot of chaos among thousands of players – and ATG decided to push the V75 for 30 minutes.

The time jackpot on the V75.

The hysteria of the game across the country and the record sales of all time in the game must be achieved.

No wonder, then, that the pressure on the V75 hit the sky a few hours before starting the V75.

But in the ATG game company there was a big problem.

At 14 hours, thousands of players could not ship their V75 system and the ATG assumed there was an error.

Many players of the V75 heard the Aftonbladet, annoyed by the accident.

V75 advances 30 minutes

Camilla Filipsson at ATG informs Trav365 that it is mainly with agents that the systems could not be sent.

That's why the ATG transferred the V75 game to 16.50.

"We found it difficult to play and send V75 with our agents, it's a huge pressure, so we decided to postpone the V75 from 16.50 Our IT technicians are busy and crashing," says Camilla Filipsson at ATG.

Trav 365 was picked up on the situation just after 4pm. Then ATG announced that it was in phase again and that turnover was against the greatest of times.

"It's a little vain, that slowness was better, and now we're back in a good position. We're very excited about the high turnover, and right now there's 122 million Swedish crowns in the run-in pot," says Camilla Filipsson.


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