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Unai Emery supports Granite Xhaka after the show

Arsenal coach backs Granit Xhaka

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Granite Xhaka created a storm this weekend.

Now coach Unai Emery breaks the silence of his team captain's behavior.

"I talked to him and he's totally devastated," says Emery.

It was a controversial decision to give Granit Xhaka the team captaincy. In this weekend's match against Crystal Palace, the fans showed their discontent by bullying the 27-year-old Swiss – who was furious and shouted "fuck you" to the fans.

Immediately afterwards, coach Unai Emery was cautious in his statements, pointing out that he should "talk to Xhaka" before commenting more specifically on the event itself and how it will affect the player's future.

"I'm sorry"

Now they have manifested.

– We talked on Sunday and yesterday. Not easy for Granite or the team. He is absolutely devastated by what happened. He trained as usual with the team but is very sad and downcast, says Emery, according to English media.

Voices emerged that Emery must immediately fire Xhaka as team captain. However, if this will happen, Emery refuses to tell us.

– I don't want to talk about it now. First of all, Xhaka needs to scratch, then we have to look to the future.

“Great location”

At the same time, the Spanish take the opportunity to express their full support for the midfield.

– He showed a fantastic attitude this season. He wants to help the team and shows it in the training sessions for the group. He did it wrong and knows it. People make mistakes, says Unai Emery.

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