Kristianstad fell in the Cup final against Kopparbergs / Göteborg. That was after Elin Rubensson got there 2-1 on the penalty spot at the end of the game.

But the punishment was wrongly condemned, says Kristianstad coach Elisabet Gunnarsdottir, who was cursed when he saw the criminal situation at C Mores studio.

– Is that the punishment? It happens 79 times in the game throughout the plan. Is it free kick always? No, it is not, she says and continues:

"We're working on the game and forcing Gothenburg to make long balls for most of the second half. We have the game under control even if we do not create much. They have two middle jaws with yellow cards and if it was the extension, I'm convinced we won this game.

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I'm crazy. I will not see it.

After answering the question from C Mores, Gunnarsdottir chose to leave the studio.