Tickets end soon enough when many are looking for a Christmas holiday


If you get the family at Christmas, it's time to buy a ticket. The demand for train travel is higher than usual and in SJ many matches are already completed. Even bus companies are aware of the increase in demand and Flixbus has placed 200 extra games.

Tickets for SJ's most engaging outings during the Christmas holidays are over. Stock Photography.images: Tomas Oneborg / SvD / TT

Christmas Eve on Monday and maximum duration of the weekend. Perfect for those who want to greet relatives in other parts of the country. But whoever wants to take the train is better at buying tickets. SJ warns that Christmas and New Year's travels will increase 13% compared to last year.

"On warmer days around Christmas, more than 70,000 trips are sold – and then we talk about long, reserved journeys, not daily trips and shorter journeys," says Tobbe Lundell, interim director of SJ.

The biggest pressure is Friday, December 21, and many of the most attractive outings are already completed.

"Our tip is that you're already traveling on Thursday, or on Christmas Eve if you can," says Tobbe Lundell.

He sees several reasons for the increased demand for train tickets over the Christmas weekend this year.

"Part of it, I think it's getting more popular to get on the train instead of flying or getting in. The second is that the dates are like this year. One fits into a trip for loved ones when it's so beneficial for days .

The company Braflyg flies to 17 Swedish resorts and saw how reservations during the Christmas holidays began to increase.

"The fastest routes are to places that are a bit further away from big cities such as Östersund, Umeå and Sundsvall," says Jim Hofverberg, communications manager.

For Umeå, seven out of ten trips between December 20 and 26 are already booked.

Even bus companies prepare for many travelers over Christmas and New Year. Flixbus has put in about 200 extra matches and the Ybuss company, which makes many long trips around the country, noticed a bigger demand for this Christmas holiday.

"This year, pressure is stronger on popular travel days compared to the same period last year, and we are actively working to strengthen more reserved departures with extra buses," writes Ybuss traffic manager Johan Boqvist.

For SJ it's more difficult. The railway company also works close to its maximum capacity in terms of number of departures and seats on board the train.

"Train travel has increased so much that we're basically getting the most out of the schedule we have," says Tobbe Lundell.


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