Thousands celebrated the traditional summer in Böda Sand, Öland


About 4,000 people are in Böda Sand on Öland to celebrate the summer solstice.

At 2:00 pm on Friday, it was time for a break for the record coffee – 73 meters of strawberry cake. The confectionery is created by the baker and bakery chef Nina Fransson and the classic Swedish summer recipe: Rollerbed bottom, cream rose and strawberries.

– Nina is very popular with our guests. We see this in our research. He is extremely loved by the bakery, says Viktor Jerner of Böda Sand.

Öland = holiday feeling

Visitors to Böda Sand dropped 73 meters of strawberry cake.

Photograph: Viktor Jerner

Of the 4,000 summer guests, it was "only" a few hundred that appeared at the cake party. It all started with caretaker Per Blad measuring the record.

– Here is great fun for kids big and small. We adults are a lot of fun too, says Petra Dalin, 38, from Kalmar.

She has three goals for the Summer Solstice Eve: Strawberry cake, summer night and herring. In addition, visitors to Bödab were lucky with the weather.

"We were raining all the time, and when we got through the camp gates, that made it clear," says Petra Dalin.

Here is great fun for kids large and small. We adults are also very funny, says Petra Dalin, 38, from Kalmar, here with children Charlie, 6, and Lilly, 9.

Photograph: Viktor Jerner

That only Öland is so popular during the most festive summer weekend has several explanations, believes Viktor Jerner.

– First of all, it's the beautiful nature of Åland. But it is also that we often have good weather. It is now a little cloudy, but we had good weather all day. So it's a thunder feeling in the summer, he says.

Midsummer Eve is the chance to make new friends

For many, it is precisely the summer solstice weekend in Öland that begins the summer holidays.

"It's going to be a kick-off." You go in the summer thinking directly. We have a very traditional summer celebration that attracts a lot of people. So it is also that you can meet other people, other families. Children get new friends.

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