The municipality forbids meat in schools: "Vegan food is better" – News in Blekinge – 24 hours a day


The municipality of Karlshamn decided to completely ban all products of animal origin in the schools of the municipality. This means that all food that is served will come from the vegetable kingdom. The decision was voted by the City Council at the end of the week.

Just for this serving a vegetarian diet, we want to contribute to better health for both the planet and man.

– Vegan food is better for the environment, animals and people. With the climactic strike a few weeks ago, we noticed that there was a great deal of engagement with the students and we chose to hold them, says Carl K. Mouruth (S).

The change is going held at the end of April / May. Until then, staff working in school canteens should be trained in vegetarian cooking.

"It's exciting, it should be fun to learn more. I hope students enjoy the new food, says Berit Barkström, meal attendant in Gräsvallskolan.

To further improve from the 6th year, work on climate will be classified based on the climate impact to which they contribute. The climate classification is given from A to F and is counted as the note in other subjects.

For example, if you be pushed to school by car and buy new clothes every month on a smaller note. Those who ride and ride, just as they do not buy new clothes and gadgets, have a chance of a higher rating.


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