Wednesday , April 14 2021

The maturity of Chantelle Newbery after the sports career

It is a story that passed from happiness to tragedy.

Chantelle Newbery has become one of Australia's most famous athletes after the 2004 Olympic Games.

When her mother died eight years later in breast cancer, Newbery was caught in drug abuse.

By 2014 she had the right to possess drugs, and on several television shows she was told about her problems and the depression with which she is struggling.

This time suspicions concerned the theft of goods worth less than SEK 3,000.

Broke in tears

Promoter Viviana Keegan called the story "tragic" by Chantelle Newbery but said at the same time that her medals could not save her from the law.

"The courts are full of tragic stories about people who depend on drugs. It's important that these people help with rehabilitation, but at the same time, we have to find examples, "Keegan said.

Lived as a homeless

Chantelle Newbery began to cry when the judge read the sentence that took three months in jail, while his defense lawyer called it "meteoric fall of honor and fame".

The former Olympic champion has two children along with her husband, Simpson's colleague Robert Newbery.

On several occasions, she was informed that she sometimes lived homeless as a result of her drug addiction.

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