The Los Angeles Dodgers fan was hit by baseball and died


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An unsuspecting Los Angeles Dodgers fan found himself at the head of a baseball during the match against the San Diego Padres.

Four days later she died.

"My mother went to the game, but she never went home again," says her daughter Jana Brody.

It was on August 25 last year that 79-year-old Linda Goldbloom of California was hit by a baseball in the head during the match between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.

Goldbloom, who was a big Dodgers fan, celebrated that she turned 79 and has been married to her husband Erwin for 59 years. During the match, one of Padre's players was hit and sent the ball to the public. Although there were safety nets in front of the gallery, the ball was looking under the net and hit her head.

She was taken to hospital but died four days later.

The incident was not captured by any cameras inside the Dodgers Stadium and no media reported what had happened – so far, when ESPN, five months later, began digging into history.

"Spit in the ambulance"

US media reports that death investigators have discovered that Goldbloom died due to "acute intracranial bleeding."

"Public hosts came and asked if she was feeling well, and she said no, then the nurse came and took her to the hospital – she spat in the ambulance," says her daughter Jana Brody (who was not at the scene during the accident) at ESPN.

Linda Goldbloom remained unconscious after the slap on the head, and although the doctors performed acute brain surgery, her life could not be saved.

"My mother went to the game, but she never came home. People need to hear about it so they can stay safe in the future, says Brody.

Almost 50 years ago, it happened last

The Los Angeles Dodgers made no official statement after the incident in August, but now chose to send a greeting to the family in question.

"Mr. and Mrs. Goldbloom were big Dodgers fans who came regularly to the games. We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident and by Mrs. Death of Goldblooms. The event was discussed between the Dodgers and the family. We can not comment on the subject".

MLB American baseball has existed for more than 150 years. Goldbloom's death is the third reported death that may be linked to a spectator who is receiving a ball in his head.

More recently, it happened in 1970 when a 14-year-old boy was hit in the head. Even so, the accident occurred at the Dodgers' stadium.


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