"The Informer" – here is the trailer with Joel Kinnaman


Hard-boiled trailer for New York-thriller based on Swedish dancers


Movie Trailer. Time for more writers from Swedish decks to go out into the world. Roslund / Hellström is behind the thriller story "The Informer," based on the book "Three Seconds."

The film is British, although the action is being played in the United States, with Joel Kinnaman in the role of a former criminal who helped the FBI infiltrate the Polish mafia in New York. Now he is forced to return to a prison where he has already met a penalty. There he has a mission to accomplish, but as we see in the trailer, there is the risk of him getting stuck there. Outside, your (young) family is clearly waiting.

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"The informant."

It looks hard-boiled and Kinnaman has great experience at this time of playing this kind of streetmap paper figure, after "Fast Cash" and "The Killing". For fans of deck ardues, it might be interesting to compare Swedish action with how it was Americanized.

At the same time, this is actually a British production, with Clive Owen and Rosamund Pike in the other two main roles. director Andrea Di Stefano previously made the "Escobar: Paradise Lost" based on reality (2014).

It is not clear when "The Informer" comes to Sweden, but in the UK and US it's the debut in March.


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