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The flowers of Camilla Haak's daughter have been stolen – the woman is being released

Kvällsposten has published in several previous articles the robbery of the grave of Helena, of 28 years, in Sölvesborg. Helena died last fall and in November, her mother Camilla Haak adorned the tomb with a large heart of flowers

Later, Camilla discovered that the heart of the flower had disappeared, stolen. Another hour later, the flowers were found in a baby shower.

"Actually, the roses would be like a white border, but Helena was a soul artist who did not like regularity," said Camilla, who immediately recognized the flowers.

Denied the allegations

The woman who received the flowers was accused, against her refusal, of receiving.

She claimed to have received flowers from a friend, according to the prosecutor, the woman should have "reasonable reason to assume that the crime was present."

But on Tuesday she was released by the court in Karlskrona. According to the court, it is not clear that the decoration was stolen and that the one found with the woman was stolen, but she did not know that it had been stolen.

"I expected another result, but I must accept that it can not be influenced," says Camilla Haak.

The lawyer: "correct judgment"

The woman's lawyer is satisfied.

"This was a completely correct judgment. There was nothing that meant that my client knew this, or I could have assumed that was the case, which was what you claimed, "says Per Prene.

The case report was extensive.

– It has been difficult to distinguish between legal concepts by the public and, to some extent, also in the media. She was described as being a thief, as if she were the one who took this arrangement of flowers and was never claimed.

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