The fight of Bianca Ingrosso – reveals fear


Influenza Bianca Ingrosso, 23, has long had a busy schedule full of different tasks.

Now she opens her blog and tells us how all the commitments begin to take care of her.

"I love love love all my other works and I am very grateful every day that I have the opportunity to do everything I can do, but now it is difficult to find the time to do all the projects as well as I want to do. a crazy perfectionist when it comes to my work, so I put very high demands on myself at all, "she writes and continues:

"I know it's completely impossible to do both blog, youtube, Instagram, collaborations, Wahlgren World, Talang, Caia, ByBianca and Podden at the same time and do everything as well as I want."

Earlier he said of his exhaustion

The 23-year-old has already had trouble with her hectic life and was affected by bouts of burnout and panic in 2017, something she wrote on this fall's blog.

Bianca Ingrosso also wrote about her fear of suffering again:

"You know I burned this fall and now I feel like it's pushing again," she wrote in a post later this summer.

Bianca Ingrosso has recently started focusing on her own makeup brand Caia and writes that, above all else, she is the most bet at the moment – but with a host of other chores on the schedule, it will be hard to take the time to go.

"I get a little panicked because I've never been able to do anything in my life and 100%, although I know I'm doing more than enough for what's more time. The only thing about it is that my private and social life, unfortunately , is completely prioritized, "she writes in her blog.

Bianca Ingrosso said last fall how she burned.


Offers privacy

According to Bianca Ingrosso herself, this is something she can live in right now, but she still sees a future for herself where she has time for herself:

"I would like to see you too, I could have a good long lunch in the middle of the week with my friend, that I can go to the city every day and shop, train, etc." she writes and concludes the post by explaining that all her efforts and efforts are for her followers.


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