The derailed train was radio controlled – Sweden


accident The rescue of the locomotive is now being prepared for the 500 tonnes of heavy goods trains that were at risk of collapsing in neighboring homes following an accident in the center of Ă…nge on Good Friday.

Among other things, a road was built to allow a crane car to reach the locomotive, writes Sundsvalls Tidning. The locomotive was emptied of fuel and is planned to be transported overnight against Easter Monday.

The accident occurred during the work of assembling a train set with a total of 26 wooden wagons. At the time, the locomotive was powered by radio control, which means the driver could be at the side of the locomotive.

For unknown reasons, the train was not reduced in time, but passed straight through the stop box on a runway before stopping past the end of the trail.

All the facts of the crash site have already been collected, including through locomotive registration equipment, such as the black box of an aircraft.

The information will be compiled after the Easter weekend, the company claims Green Cargo for the Sundsvall magazine. The Swedish Transport Administration is also conducting an investigation into the accident.

No one was injured in the accident.


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