Sunday , March 7 2021

That's why Apple caused chaos on Google and Facebook

On Thursday, portions of Google's team were paralyzed: several of their iPhone apps stopped working. But it was not about a hacking attack, but a demonstration of Apple's power.

Apple provides a platform where large authorized companies can distribute Ios applications alongside the App Store. The requirement is that these applications can only join the company's employees. Interconnections make it possible, among other things, to detect deficiencies and test new functions before they are considered ready for public launch. Some applications are designed exclusively for internal use. Google, for example, has an app for scheduling staff transfers and a coffee app.

Everyone stopped working on Thursday. The lawsuit came a few days after Apple filed suit against Facebook.

Apple found that both Google and Facebook violated Apple's use agreement. Both Facebook and Google should distribute apps to selected participants outside their own home. The purpose of the applications was to gather information about the participants' use of the phone.

Targeted children and adolescents

Facebook's "search application" was intended for children and teens who, by payment, agreed to sell their privacy.

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– If Facebook uses all the information they access … they can collect private messages in social media applications, chat in messaging applications, including photos and videos, web searches, browser activity and continuous geographic tracking, says the expert in safety Will Strafach. TechCrunch.

On Thursday evening, Apple will have restored its Google and Facebook certifications, according to Arstechnica. Google has apologized for managing the Apple platform.

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