That is why November elections in November are rushing – Environment


1. In the world's only superpower congress where the controversial president of Donald Trump is, the balance of power is at stake.

The congressional election represents all 435 representatives in the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives and 35 of the Senators (six years are elected, this year 33 re-election and two filling stations) in the upper house. Today, Republicans have a majority in both chambers, with 235 members in the House of Representatives and 51 in the Senate.

2. The measurements indicate a smooth and exciting choice.

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Capitol Building in the US Capital of Washington DC.

Most punctuation is that Democrats are taking over the House of Representatives and that the Republicans keep the Senate. They have long spoken of the "blue wave" of democratic engagement – blue is the color of Democrats. But the hard work ahead of the strong economy and the approval of Brett Kavanaugh's referees also brought enthusiasm among the Republicans.

At present, Democrats 204 and Republicans 199 receive a relatively secure seat in the House of Representatives. It has 32 cases and is opinion-orientated. The senate is 44 "safe" democracies and 50 republicans. For the six mandates, the parties are in the balance and are considered independent of Real Clear Politics according to the actual measurements.

3. President Trump becomes sweat when the Democrats take over the House of Representatives.

Democratic politicians have promised that Donald Trump will launch a large number of congressional examinations when they come to power in the House of Deputies, such as conflicts between the company and the bureau, as well as political decisions taken during office. It is possible that investigations supporting the so-called Russian investigations of Robert Muller's Special Prosecutor Office will be created. It is also the House of Representatives who can decide by simple majority on the criminal proceedings against the President. However, in order to be brought to justice and revoked, two-thirds of Senators are needed.

Furthermore, Trump will appear through some of his accounts as the Democratic Republic learns to attack the most. However, there are areas of common interest, such as infrastructure.

4. When the senate's power change, Trump's agenda becomes even more crowded.

The Senate adopts important appointments such as judges, ministers, and other senior officials. Democratic domination of this Senate – and especially Trump – is a conservative judge for federal courts. If both Democrats receive power in both chambers, the party can more effectively enforce the President's agenda and bills, including the state budget.

5. If the Republicans retain their powers at the congress, they will consolidate Trump's position – and the United States is more focused on political law.

The continuation of the Republican congressional rule would be a tremendous victory for Trump (chair of the meeting usually takes place in the first half-term elections). It would have to wait more for the policies of the last two years, namely tax reductions and deregulation, especially in the field of environmental protection. Trump and Republicans may again try to kill Barack Obama's health insurance group (last year only "removed from the letter that forced citizens to prove they had health insurance"). The president also teaches more arguments to finance his promise against Mexico.

However, Republicans do not go to the president or party leader, so far Trump was not very easy to take over his policies. Conflicts and debates are waiting for law enforcement to be too bold in many areas.

6. On November 6 there are several eloquent choices.

In addition to the congressional elections, 36 of the 50 states in the United States and 36 of their three seats elect governors. The congressional representatives of the non-voting areas will also be selected. Parallel to this, referenda, district congresses and local councils are held. According to The New York Times, a total of 6,665 seats at the State Assembly.

7. 2018 elections are described as both "female choices" and "rainbow choices".

Record-level women, minorities and hbtq people have set up. There are a total of 257 women in congressional elections and more than 240 hbtq voters. Georgia's Democratic Stacey Abrams may be, for example, the first black government governor of the state and the country, and Vermont's democratic Christine Hallquist, the country's first transsexual governor. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota may be the first Muslim female member in the House of Representatives. In Texas, formerly became Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez, a lesbian and Spanish speaking so-called Spanish, attacked by sitting Republican governor Greg Abbott. And in Tennessee, a member of the Republican House of Representatives, Marsha Blackburn seems to be the first female Senator of the state. Furthermore, democratic Jared Polis may become Colorado's first governor and party brand in Andrew Gillum, the first Flemish Black Governor.


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