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It all started with the Tesla Roadster ten years ago, a model that showed what electric power could mean for a sports car and at the same time set the tone for the brand. Then the S model sedan and Suv model X followed the premium vehicles competing with, among other things, the famous German brands, but the fossil drift was completely replaced by electric power. With a colorful founder, Elon Musk, the brand gained attention and appreciation, otherwise, just the big IT companies in Silicon Valley usually attract.

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When Musk appeared in the next model, 3, spring of 2016, it was about the brand moving from a strong niche brand to a real volume brand. This trip was not painless – as GP reported previously, there have been bottlenecks in production, for example, and Elon Musk himself commented that there was a breach of automation in production.

Many advance reservations

Tesla had initial reserves of 325,000 for the new car model. Some of these customers have been waiting for over a year and a half. But now there's a model 3 to show up at the Tesla store in Gothenburg – even if the possibility of moving from the reserve to actual orders is a bit more expensive. And when GP knows some interested customers, brand belief seems to have been overlooked.

"I booked a model 3 so it could be done in 2016. I already had another Teslor, an S and an X," says Danni Efraim.

He walks around the car in the Brunnspark shop and sits in the driver's seat and receives a demonstration of the features. The ventilation currents are controlled from the large screen, where, in principle, all functions except control of control and accelerator are controlled, shows the Tesla team.

"Shit va najs," says the commentary on the ventilation check.

Screen control

Even the glove compartment of the car opens through the screen. It seems that Danni Ephraim is the client of Tesla's dreams – in principle, he only has positive things to say about the brand.

"When I saw the brand for the first time, it was a bit like the experience when Apple released its iPhone, a phone that did not have the keys – the feeling that everything was new and that it was so." I work as a programmer, technologist and auto enthusiast – this brand combines these interests.

Another customer is Göran Paulsson, although he is the IT industry that shows.

"I own an IT consulting firm in Lidköping. Several of the company have Tesla and the company has also reserved model 3. But I still do not manage Tesla – it's a bit difficult for a person to live in an apartment.

Having circled around the car, checked in the luggage space, driving environment and in the back seat, he gave a beautiful look.

– I appreciate what I see. It was a circus around the model, but now they seem to have solved the problems. And Elon Musk has been a bit too excited to comment on different things, it's still a listed company. He may be a little quiet and working instead.

Facts: Tesla Model 3

An electric car that competes in the same size class as the BMW 3 Series or Audi A4.

The standard version of the battery has a range of less than 35 miles and the version with a better range reaches almost 50 miles.

Available with four wheel drive and rear wheels.

The price, which is not yet expressed in Swedish crowns, is $ 35,000 for standard battery and simpler equipment, less than SEK 320,000 – but also VAT, local taxes, shipping and freight.


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