Tamper rabbit suffered from hemorrhagic fever – Veterinarian: "Infected very easily and can not be cured" | domestic


Now all domestic rabbits should be vaccinated against hemorrhagic fever. That request comes with the National Food Administration after a domestic rabbit in Ostrobothnia was found to have fatal bleeding from the disease, or RHD (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease).

RHD is caused by the calici virus, but there is a vaccine against the virus. The National Food Agency recommends that owners of domestic rabbits have their animals vaccinated.

RHD does not infect humans, dogs or cats.

The rabbit dies in a few days

Calcium virus spreads easily and has good environmental stability.

– It is infected very easily in direct and indirect contact through cages and carrying cases, says Maria Losvik of the Losvika animal clinic in Nykarleby.

The symptoms of affected animals are high fever, apathy and neurological symptoms. The incubation time is 1-5 days.

The disease can not be cured, but the rabbit dies within 1-2 days after falling ill.

City rabbits increased in 2015.

City rabbits increased in 2015.
Image: Yle / Stina Sirén

The vaccine is not available in Finland

How Common Do People Vaccinate Their Rabbits?

– Unfortunately, it is not common because the vaccine is expensive. It does not exist in Finland, but must be specially commissioned. It is sold in 50 doses of packaging that should be used within 3 days, says Losvik.

Veterinary clinics can arrange mass vaccination and will be Losvika's pets clinic to do as soon as they receive the vaccine.

"But it could take a month, Losvik says.

Maria and Lars Losvik, this year's manager in Nykarleby.

Stock Photography. Maria Losvik.
Maria and Lars Losvik, this year's manager in Nykarleby.
Image: Tomas Knuts
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Caused mass death among the city's rabbits

It was the same type of virus that caused great mortality among wild rabbits in the metropolitan region in 2016.

Then the National Food Agency said that this was the first time the RHD was found in Finland. Wild and domestic rabbits are easily infected and mortality is high.

Then the owners of domestic rabbits were urged not to feed their rabbit with grass and plants harvested outdoors.

Since 2016, there has been no increase in mortality in wild rabbits in the metropolitan region.

Bunny tracks in Böle January 7, 2016

Bunny tracks in Böle January 7, 2016
Image: Yle / Helena von Alfthan
rabbit city

The town rabbit, as it is popularly known, is actually a domestic rabbit that escaped.

It has been classified as a harmful, exotic species that causes great damage, among other things, by eating planted plants and digging near tree roots and house grounds.

14.1 hours 15.58: The article is updated with comments from veterinarian Maria Losvik.


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