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Bad payouts and referrals are worse than being punished earlier. At least if the owners of Swedish tenant owners can decide what authorizes a denied association of a tenant-owner association.

Shows a new report in SBC, Swedish Housing Rights Center.

It turns out that there are many occasions when the Swedes believe that it is okay to deny a buyer's participation in a tenant's association. That the applicant has payment notes at the top of the list. Each fifth also states that anyone who does not have Swedish citizenship should not be a member of the association.

– Denying the participation of a buyer in the association can have great consequences for the seller. This may mean that the agreement between the buyer and seller becomes invalid. If the board is negligent in assessing a new member and the seller does not receive the same price for his residence as the refused buyer, members may be personally liable for damages, says Stefan Lindberg, SBC's Business Area Manager in a press release.

Generally, the elderly are more likely to deny an adhesion to the buyer. For example, up to 73% of those aged 51-65 think it is a legitimate reason to refuse membership when the buyer has the purpose of renting the house second. The corresponding figure for those between 18 and 30 years is 64%.

– A common mistake is to deny the buyer's participation so that the seller has failed in its obligations towards the association. However, the judgment can only be based on the qualifications of the buyer. It is therefore important for the Council to make a careful assessment and, if necessary, to assist in legal expertise, says Stefan Lindberg.

However, few are taking legal aid when buying a condominium. In the report, every fourth state they would never take help while every third would hire a lawyer in connection with inheritance or gift transfer.

Almost every ten shifts however, for someone with experience in buying new production.

Top list: Occasions when the Swedes want to deny a buyer membership in an association of tenant owners

1. When the house is purchased for the purpose of being rented secondly 64%

2. When the buyer received bad references from previous homes, 53%

3. When the buyer has payment notes 44%

4. When the property is bought for speculative purposes 41%

5. When the house is bought by someone who does not have Swedish citizenship 24%

6. When the buyer is previously punished 20%

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