Friday , July 30 2021

Swedish hazing declares: propulsion is stressful

Trot trainer Daniel Redén saw his horse Propulsion win the Elite Race with rider Örjan Kihlström in May this year.

The star horse was revealed in June as having nerve cuts in both front hooves, which means that the horse cannot feel pain. This is in violation of Swedish doping regulations and the Animal Welfare Act.

– This is one of the most serious events in which the Swedish hazing was involved, said Maria Croon, CEO of the Swedish hazing, during a press conference at Solvalla.

Research finds that the propulsion was certainly stressful in the spring of 2015, before it was imported into Sweden. During his trotting career in Sweden, the horse achieved 38 victories in 45 races and collected SEK 26.3 million. The cash prize will now be recovered and paid to horse owners who came after Propulsion in the current races and who are now moved up the lists when Propulsion results are deleted.

– We’ll do that in December. Next, 26 million will be distributed to other horse owners, says Göran Wahlman, federal lawyer for Svensk Travsport.

The new winner of this year’s Elite Race will be Cokstile.

The case is now taken to the Swedish trotting sport responsibility committee, which is the ruling body on a possible verdict against Daniel Redén. The trotting association does not say anything about the penalties that the trainer is at risk, but announces that the investigation has failed to demonstrate that there was any intention of Redén to compete with a horse that did not meet the requirements for starting the trot in Sweden.

– We did not find any circumstances in which Redén intended to violate the regulation. On the other hand, according to the competition rules, he is responsible for allowing the horse to start and compete, says Wahlman and adds that the verdict against Daniel Redén will come “in a month or more”.

Including international competitions, Propulsion has won more than SEK 33 million, which will result in the reimbursement of the other seven million being the responsibility of each foreign trotting association.

– We inform foreign unions so that they can make decisions according to their regulations, says Wahlman.

At the press conference Documents showing that propulsion had been stressful have been found to exist in the Swedish trotting system since the horse arrived in Sweden in 2015 undetected.

When the union was hit by rumors that Propulsion would be stressful, an investigation was launched in 2019. A very deficient investigation according to Per Jern, a lawyer and external investigator of the union’s handling of the case, who at the press conference presented several critical objections who reported.

– The research conducted by Propulsion 2019 is considered very deficient. It has not been done extensively enough. For example, no checks were made at the American Usta (US Trotting Federation). In addition, impartiality was not guaranteed because an independent veterinarian was not used, he says.

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