Saturday , October 23 2021

Sweden: Kosovare Asllani great hero at the World Cup debut


Chile made their first match of the World Cup against Sweden in their debut.

And for a long time they seemed to be able to plow the Swedes at one point.

Chilean goalie Christiane Endler of Paris Saint-Germain is the main actress of the day, including Nilla Fischer, in a seemingly strong lead in the first half.

But Chile, defensively oriented, opposed the possession of compact ball and pressure from Sweden.

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Sweden beat Chile in the World Cup debut

In the game minute 72, the game was also interrupted by 43 minutes due to rain and thunderstorms.

"It's not an advantage for Sweden," said Lotta Schelin, a TV4 specialist.

But Sweden continued – and received a dividend.

In the 83rd minute, hackers Anna Anvegård and Madelen Janogy trod the ball for a prominent Kosovo Asllani.

Asllani, who received a lot of blows from the Chileans during the match, did not make any mistakes, but evoked the ball through the bar and to the redeemer by 1 to 0 for Sweden.

"It's legal from Asllani," TV4 expert Hanna Marklund says.

Chile advanced their positions and reached semi-dangerous finishing positions during the five extra hours.

But Hedvig Lindahl kept close – instead, Sweden could make it 2-0 after a dream goal.

The debut at the World Cup Madelen Janogy was a slalom in the Chilean defense and made a left shot at the first cross of stoppage time.

Kosovar Asllani: "I saw myself deciding"

Absolutely magical. What a conclusion, says TV4's specialist commentator, Hanna Marklund.

Remaining in the group stage for the Swedish part is Thailand and the USA.

Hero of the game Kosovo Asllani:

– We won three points. The last 20 minutes are usually crucial for us. It is incredibly good that we have had a good start. We were not happy with 0-0, she says.

After a 43-minute break in the locker room, Kosovare told Asllani that she saw herself as the winner.

"In the locker room in the rain I just felt: I want to decide that. I just felt that I wanted to print strong and high when I had the chance, "says Kosovare Asllani.

Federal captain Peter Gerhardsson believes there was, however, some room for improvement.

I'm very relieved. An extremely difficult game, he tells TV4.

– We knew it would be packed in the middle and I think we're processing well on the edges. But the last passage is not true today. Let's create more chances of targeting possession and the advantage we have. Today, quality and decision were not good enough at crucial positions, Gerhardsson tells TV4.

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