Swedbank crisis negative for credit rating


The report comes the day after it was reported that the rating agency S & P Global announced that it was reviewing Swedbankcredit rating.

The rating agencies began to move after six weeks of chaotic development around the Swedbank, which took off when the SVT Assignment Review on February 20 reported on suspected money laundering with the help of bank accounts.

After a series of revelations and new charges, CEO Birgitte Bonnesen was fired just one hour before last week's Annual General Meeting. So I had EBM (EBM) has expanded an investigation into suspicion of insider crime, linked to suspicions of money laundering, to apply suspected gross fraud.

In addition, investigate FSA (FI) together with the Baltic authorities if Swedbank violates anti-money laundering regulations. The US State Financial Supervisory Authority, DFS, is also reported to investigate the bank.

Swedbank is one of the largest credit rating banks in Europe. Thanks to good profitability and the high level of capital adequacy, the bank has the ability to recover according to Moody's. While the business model makes the bank dependent on market funding, which, according to Moody's, means there is a vulnerability if the trust in the bank falls among investors.

The warning comes at the same time that Moody's notes that Swedbank is just one of several European banks that are currently under investigation for similar suspicions.

For example, investigations are ongoing in several coun- Danske Bank while the Italian subsidiary of ING, as a result of deficiencies in the control of suspected money laundering, was banned from accepting new customers until deficiencies were remedied.

The financier Bill Browder, who wants EBM to investigate suspicions of money laundering at Swedbank regarding so-called Magnitsky horticulture, also reported Nordea on suspicion of money laundering to the Finnish authorities. Elsewhere, suspicions were raised on money laundering in, among others, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche BankRaiffeisen, ABN Amro and Rabobank, Bloomberg news agency reports.


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