"Svälten" won the Best Year of the Year category – Culture Nutrition in P1


The August award for this year's specialization book is awarded to Magnus Västerbro for his book "Svält. Hungeråren som forma sverige". It is a book dealing with Sweden during the climate crisis between 1867 and 1869.

"It is a well-deserved winner," he said, "and he read and read the papers, the work that folklore researchers did before him." You can imagine how terrible it was to live in Sweden at the time, says Hanna Jedvik, editor of culture , about "hunger".

The winners of each The categories receive a prize of 100,000 kronor.

Now the list of nominees will be summarized to the winners of the three categories.

The Little August Prize – the 1994 Young Literary Awards Contest – was awarded to Linn Spjuth for "Who Protects the Gods?". She was also nominated for the text "Being a Beautiful Girl".

Since then, we know that The new honorary award from the Association of Swedish Publishers, awarded in Augustgalan, goes to illustrator Ilon Wikland. Among other things, she is famous for her illustrations for Astrid Lindgren's books on children in Bullerbyn, Brøderna Lejonhjärta and Ronja Rövardotter.

"It means a lot, I feel really honored. They show me that my long job meant something here in Sweden," Ilon Wikland told reporter Anna Tullberg of Kulturnytts.

"What has been fun for me is to meet the writer, to get a manuscript, to draw it and to appear for the author." It was important that the author approved my illustrations. "Astrid was able to write to draw anything. What I want to draw are feelings, she says.

In its motivation, the Swedish publishers' association writes that "Ilon Wikland has a unique position and a distinctive significance for children's literature in Sweden." Their images have characterized and inspired children for generations, with their saturated and colorful illustrations of children as well as their vibrant black and white illustrations, it is a high-level image editor. "


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