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science Many marine animals have biological clocks linked to the lunar cycle, which evokes unexpected patterns of behavior. Confirms a new study from the University of Bordeaux published in the journal Biology Letters, National Geographic reports.

French researchers have studied, among other things, how oysters open to eat or multiply. The results show that oysters prefer to stay open during the new moon and the crescent, while preferring to stay closed when it is full moon.

What is due to is not known but a research estimate is that their access to food and sucking to mate is affected by the lunar cycle that regulates the tide and therefore the ocean currents.

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The moon affects the behavior of marine animals, new study shows. Stock Photography.

Another animal related to the moon is the mask of the ring Palolo viridis, which spends most of its life looking for food on the seabed. In the spring, the back of the mask, where the germ cells are formed, begin to grow. And at the same time, every year, two days during the last crescent in October and November, finally the tails loosen themselves from the females and swim blindly to the surface and moonlight.


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