Stop at E4 after the traffic accident in Norrköping


At 16h12, police received an alarm about a traffic accident on E4, at the height of Norsholm and heading north.

A passenger car and a truck had fallen and a rescue operation was under way.

– I did not receive a report if there was any suspicion of crime and I do not know if someone was taken away with an ambulance. Initially, it was said that someone would bleed due to a wound injury, but I do not know anymore, says Monica Bergström, of the police in the east.

"There are two people involved in the accident," she continues.

Long queues at E4 after traffic accident

Police alert against long lines due to traffic accident.

– I do not know if it is completely suspended, but emergency services talk about the fact that there is limited accessibility, says Monica Bergström.

Emergency services left the site at 4:50 pm and then a northbound lane was turned off. The vehicles must now be supported by the site.

– I do not know anything about the injury situation at the time, but when we left no one was taken to the hospital, says Christian Lind at Östra Götaland rescue service.


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