Saturday , October 23 2021

Still unclear identity for man in central Malmö


– Now the police know who the person is, he is a citizen of Italy, says Andy Roberts, head of the local police area north of the press conference.

The alarm that a man Carried out in a threatening way in the center of Malmö, it arrived at 10 am on Monday. According to witnesses, the man said he was carrying firearms and explosives in two bags.

During the dramatic intervention, a police officer fired several shots at the man who found himself on both legs. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and later arrested as a suspect of a grossly unlawful threat.

When the man was carrying several identification documents, his identity could not be fully established at first. But after the Malmö police collaborated with the police in other countries, this has already been clarified. The man is a 44 year old Italian citizen who lived and worked in a company in Malmö for some time.

Andy Roberts says the menacing man "did not feel so good." He does not want to get into what it can mean, but says he's handing it over to the doctors. There were also drug tests to be analyzed.

The man is still taken care of in the hospital.

There was no reason for his actions, but the police are sure that he acted alone. The man is not known by the Swedish police before, but you do not know if he is known by other European police authorities.

Despite the man's unwillingness to cooperate in the investigation, police describe the investigation situation as "good" and says they have many witnesses of the event.

Police bombing burst the two bags that the man carried in the central station of Malmö. The analysis shows that there was nothing dangerous, but only the personal belongings of man.

"There was nothing dangerous in the sacks, no explosives, no weapons," says Andy Roberts.

Malmö was also hit during the last 24 hours by a dead shot, gunfire, two explosions and a car fire. Something that took great resources.

– On Monday we have 40 new police officers ready, will help in this work. As you can see, it is a difficult situation for the police and has been for some time, says Erik Jansåker, local police chief south of Malmö.

According to Jansåker, there was a sharp decline in the number of shootings in Malmö in 2019.

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