So you see your statement before everyone else


Anyone who has purchased one of the four digital mailboxes that are currently in the market will already be able to find out how much money gets in refund of tax or withholding tax on March 7 and 8. Anyone who does not have a digital mailbox will receive the statement in the mail between March 15 and April 15.

Last year, the Swedish Tax Agency demanded that you need a digital mailbox to get the early repayment, but this requirement has been removed.

– We remove it because we want more people to have the opportunity to recover their tax money sooner, says Lars Aden Lisinski, press secretary for the Tax Agency.

You will have physical mailboxes this year

Those who elect to digitally declare through the Swedish Tax Agency's application, the Authority's electronic service or SMS can obtain their tax refunds from April 9 to 12, provided they approve the statement by April 2 without changing it or make any complement.

Individuals who choose not to declare digitally must submit the physical return by May 2. They receive their tax refund between June 4 and 7.

When Tax Agency 2017 decided to remove its physical mailboxes chaos came because people pressed their declarations through, among other things, the grooves of the doors.

This year, the Swedish Tax Agency will have physical mailboxes in certain places of submission, such as the lists next to you.


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