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Snowflake in the south and cold record in the north

Photo: Julia Wall / AP / TT

Now the snow falls in large parts of Sweden. Stock Photography.


Winter has different expressions in different countries, but now it keeps all of Sweden firm. In the south, there is a snowblower that immediately freezes, while Naimakka hit a new icy record this year with minus 39.3 degrees overnight.

Now snow falls almost all over the country, and so it will continue all day and until tomorrow, says Linus Dock, meteorologist on duty at SMHI.

"It's not snowing at the top of the north, it's cold and clear. Naimakka had the lowest temperature this year with minus 39.3 degrees.

In the southern parts, however, it is far from that record.

– In the south, there is snowfall in Skåne and Halland is more degrees. This low pressure will look up, so that may be more degrees, even along the shores in Kalmar and Östergötland in the middle of the day.

Considering notice

The snowfall will continue throughout the day.

– In the eastern parts, can continue in parts of Tuesday. Otherwise, there will be a break on Tuesday.

Behind the low pressure, it gets colder, and the wet snow that has fallen will freeze on Tuesday.

"We have not issued any warning yet, but we are considering the slip warning. It may also be a warning for heavy blizzards along the coast of Norrland tomorrow.

Looking forward to Wednesday, the snowfall seems to have calmed down, there will be a break across the country.

"It seems to be cold and clear across the country," says Linus Dock.

Risk of slipping

The winter weather led to a series of minor traffic accidents during the night for Monday. Among other things, in the morning, a garbage truck turned into an E4 exit south of Jönköping.

"But it's still relatively quiet." We had some accidents, but none of the most serious in nature, says Björn Öberg, a police spokesman in the eastern region.

It is slippery on the roads also in Västra Götaland, but traffic accidents are also of a less serious nature. However, there are some disturbances in the morning traffic.

– We are happy to say that drivers seem to be slowing down. It is so obvious that it is slippery and wintry, "says Ulla Brehm of the western police.

"We have some departure, and in Borås there is a car that got into a car in the front. But nothing more serious and uninjured.

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