Sjöberg saved Rönnby in dramatic play – shouted after his hat trick: "She was very good"


Rönnby suffered a loss of shock against Warberg (5-7) in the last round. Back home against the valley.

Rönnby was responsible for 6-4 before last season but fell to 6-7. Something unnecessary according to John Kvist:

"Before the third period, we talked about getting in and playing with ease, we did not do it." He thought a little too much about the players' heads and Dale took advantage of our mistakes.

But Rönnby came back and finished with only four minutes left by Hanna Garman. And suddenly Jonna Sjöberg was content for a minute and set the bonus points for Rönnby.

"I am very pleased that we have resumed the initiative." "We are strong after the heavyweight game against Warberg at the latest.

"We really needed those two points to feel like we're in the race again, it's very difficult between 6-10 places, a win for us in the playoffs.

Jonna Sjöberg scored a hat trick against Dalen.

Kvist celebrated the triumphant shooter and the winner of the game, Jonna Sjöberg, who got rid of a rather heavy season.

"Jonna was very good.It was a bit of old Jonna we saw.She has not been shown so far this year.How good can she be and we have more players that we can get more out of.

After the win, Rönnby has only one point to Gothenburg in the eighth and final playoffs.

"I do not feel worried. We see that we are really good when we get to the game. It's about believing in ourselves and continuing to work hard, so let's get more points.

"The big bombs are just Warberg and Jönköping, where we do not have missing points.

MATCHFAKTA – Superligan:

Västerås Rönnby-Dalen 8-7 (4-2,2-2, 1-3,1-O)

Objective, Rönnby: Jonna Sjöberg 3, Elin Björkman, Lisa Söderlund, Felicia Forsmark, Karin Nygren, Hanna Garman.


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