Shorter prostate treatment may reduce queues – Sweden


With the new method, the radiation treatment is given in little more than two weeks, against today usually eight weeks.

The shorter radiation treatment is more intense with higher radiation doses. However, the total dose of radiation is lower, but despite this, the results when the two different treatments were compared were almost identical. After five years, PSA tests showed that approximately 84% of men, regardless of group, showed no signs of cancer return, according to a Scandinavian study published in The Lancet.

According to Anders Widmark, senior doctor at Norrland University Hospital and senior lecturer, radiation treatment has been developed so that the rays can be targeted more specifically to the tumor, which also makes it possible with higher radiation doses for a period of time.

It is true that, immediately after treatment, the side effects of the shorter treatment group increased, but after six months those differences disappeared.

The study was conducted from university hospitals in UmeƄ and Lund. It covers 1,200 men with medium or high risk prostate cancer followed between 2005 and 2015.


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