Monday , April 19 2021

Shooting against the apartment of the senior couple in Gottsunda in Uppsala

The alarm arrived at 9:28 p.m. on Saturday. Several people contacted police after being shot in the Gottsunda district of Uppsala.

One of the people calling the police says one shot found an apartment.

When the police arrive, they discover that a bullet has entered the window of an apartment. In the apartment, an elderly couple were at home, police said.

No one in the apartment was injured. There is nothing to suggest other people injured in the shooting. Police investigate the incident as an attempted murder and an accident.

Shot in Gottsunda – bullet met with the apartment of the elderly

Uppsala was recently hit by several rifles. It is not yet clear whether Saturday's event could be linked to earlier shootings, reports UNT.

"It's too early to say why we do not know who shot or why they shot, so we can not do an assessment right now," says police officer Mats Län till tidningen.

Police have no witnesses to the shooting and during Sunday morning, no squeeze was suspected of firing.

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