SHL • Nyström: "So Djurgården wins SM gold"


Now someone in Gothenburg is giggling.

– Haha, this fucking Nyström never worked out …

Well, I'm in as good shape as Djurgården this spring and scored so much that Columbus would overthrow Tampa (in the Viasat hockey club) and Djurgården would defeat Färjestad (on Expressen TV, one day before the seventh decisive match) .

Talking serious. Everyone knows how impossible it can be to tip hockey.

So let's get right to the point.

It is easy to give Frölunda the win in the SM final, because this team impressed especially in the playoffs. Neither Malmö nor Luleå could threaten Frölunda, who won both games in the series 4-1 in games.

Johan Mattsson starred – thanks to the excellent defense game in front of him. Frölunda has four networks that can contribute to the offense and here are winners like Ryan Lasch, Joel Lundqvist, Rhett Rakhshani and underestimated Max Friberg.

Playoff current fall

Among the 13 best players in the playoffs are five Frölunda players, compared to "just" two Djurgården players. And then Djurgården played more matches.

In the last three matches against Färjestad, Djurgården scored 15 goals.

Frölunda posted 17 goals throughout the playoffs. Frölunda shows master class.

Yes, we know exactly where we have the masters of CHL in Gothenburg.

How good is Djurgården?

You do not even know Robert Ohlsson.

During the basic series, Djurgården had the best chain in SHL.

Daniel Brodin, Jacob Josefson and Jakob Lilja dominated many games and Josefson was chosen by the players for the League MVP and won the Gold Helmet.

In the playoffs, Brodin made four goals and two assists, while the network friends only got four assists each.

The Djurgården top trio scored 14 points together.

Ryan Lasch and Rhett Rakhshani made twelve points on their own.

Djurgården won – even when the team played badly

Djurgården had a few downs against Skellefteå in the quarter-finals and against Färjestad in the semi-finals.

But here you find the reason why I think Djurgården wins the SM gold.

This team found ways to win even when the game was influenced.

I remember especially the final match of the third quarter against Skellefteå on Hovet. The visiting team was by far better than Djurgården. Stressed players in Djurgården shook the record.

We have seen this a few times against Färjestad, especially in the fifth and sixth games.

But despite great difficulties in handing in and receiving passports and a sometimes stagnant defense game, Djurgården found a way to win the third-quarter match against Skellefteå.

Despite humiliation at the Globe in the sixth round of the semi-final, when the home side was banned and thousands of spectators returned home at the end of the second period, Djurgården found a way to come back and win the seventh semi-final in Karlstad.

Frölunda won the playoff games for being good. Frölunda had no real setbacks in the playoffs.

Djurgården won matches even though the team were poor. Djurgården has learned useful lessons from various setbacks in the playoffs.

Reideborn is the best goalkeeper in the final

Djurgården simply acquired a hardness in the playoffs in the most difficult way.

Then, of course, it will also be offensive to Jacob Josefson and Jakob Lilja.

These skilled players do not run out of words in the playoffs.

Josefson made the NHL team go home and win the SM gold with his beloved Djurgården. Almost all players in Djurgården are from country-08 and for many of them Djurgården is the law of their heart.

But none of them won any league with Djurgården.

This is how we talk about the desire for success.

Frölunda won the CHL final just a few months ago.

Strandberg no more than hidden

So Djurgården has the new heroes.

The players who really made the playoffs.

Adam Reideborn waved like the whole team, but also showed that he is the best goalkeeper in SHL. Sorry, Johan Mattsson.

Sebastian Strandberg is no longer a hidden object. He scored seven goals in the playoffs – there are so many goals Lasch and Rakhshani made together.

So Djurgården has the artist Dick Axelsson.

Robert Ohlsson definitely does not know where he has Axelsson day after day.

You do not even know Axelsson himself.

Sometimes it's somewhere else than in the match that's going on.

But in his best moments he is extremely valuable. His gentle pulses, his "average tendency," his underrated defense, his way of slowing down modern fast-paced hockey and still dominating the game and lastly – winning goal.

Countless Djurgården become too much for Frölunda.

Djurgården can have great success in any final match.

But in the end will still be SM gold.


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