Senior doctors at Skaraborg Hospital receive scholarship to research breast cancer


"You're very grateful, and it sounds like great confidence. The money will be used for genetic testing of breast cancer patients, says Jenny Nyqvist in a press release from Skaraborg Hospital

Since December 2016, Jenny Nyqvist has been registered as a doctoral student at the University Hospital of Gothenburg / Sahlgrenska and her research is on the occurrence of several primary neoplasms in breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer death among women worldwide, but in combination with new cases being discovered at an earlier stage and that treatment methods have become better, patients are living longer with the disease. As a result of increased survival, it is becoming increasingly common for patients to have other primary tumors that do not have breast cancer.

– It is a topic that affects and interests many. The Iris scholarship supports women who research, and by emphasizing and valuing breast cancer research, it gives extra attention, which is great, says Jenny Nyqvist.

The Iris scholarship is awarded each year by the Iris Jonzén-Sandblom Foundation and Greta Jonzén. The purpose of the foundation is to support the education of aspiring women.

The scholarship award took place at a ceremony at Chalmers House in Gothenburg on 11 April.


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