Sebastian Strandberg's tortuous way to the top: "took me"


Djurgården are in the SM final after beating Färjestad 4-1 in the seventh and crucial semi-finals in Borets.

One of the great heroes: Sebastian Strandberg, 26, who, along with Dick Axelsson, was behind three of Djurgården's four goals.

Fun Fun to be in the final. You should not complain about that. I think we'll meet today and make a big effort, says the two-dimensional shooter Strandberg.

"There was security in the group – I felt on the bus"

What is the reason for the turnaround?

It's easy to stand up and say that numbers do not matter in the playoffs. We coded and got 14-3 on the butt for two games. We do not make good combinations.

– But we also said that he gave us 3-3 in games and seventh decision against the game outside Färjestad – then we would have accepted, he says.

It may be an advantage that you may have a wounded pride that you lose as you did before. So you're at the bottom and you turn around?

"Little has been calculated. Nobody believed in us and you were not worth much. It was a driving force for all of us here, says Sebastian Strandberg, who says there was a completely different harmony in the group before Thursday's match.

There was calm and security in the group. It seemed right when we went here on the bus. It was a completely different feeling from previous games. Maybe I was not safe, but it was a great feeling before the game.

Sebastian Strandberg's tortuous path to the top

Strandberg, born in HV 71, represented 27 points in the base series but blew up slightly in the playoffs of the chain with Dick Axelsson and Niclas Bergfors: seven goals and a total of ten points in 13 playoffs.

He took a small Orthodox route to play the SM final as a supporting player.

After being dismissed by HV 71 in 2015, he played a season for the Evansville IceMen in the ECHL, the league under the NHL's AHL.

After a season in the Danish Odense, he was fished by Malmölaget IK Pantern before Djurgården reached him at the end of last season.

But Sebastian Strandberg never doubted his ability.

If someone said, when you were in the Danish championship, you would make two goals in a decisive seventh semifinal. What did you say then?

"It's still the one that pushed me." It has always been my goal to play in SHL again. I did the same thing I did when I was in Denmark and Hockeyallsvenskan. It's the player that I am. I do not change anything because I'm in SHL. It took me. I clearly believed that when I was there, he says.

"But it's fun to be able to contribute. But I could have done zero goals. We're just in the final.


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