Sarpsborg: "Malmö will not complete the mission"


It was one night when Malmö FF approached a higher European level.

And approaching the stadium in Malmö, through the fog and the dark, was an experience that promised very well.

The light from the headlight penetrated through the tight cover and the battery fell off the bleachers long before it began.

Then the match began.

The Malmö FF never managed to break into Sarpsborg's high tremann press.

And Johan Dahlin stood and dived into the longball after a long ball.


Geir Bakke, with his Sarpsborg, maximized an insufficient game material and has a troop so dedicated to his idea that if Bakke told his players to throw the ball at his own goal, they would have done it without blinking.

Now it took 30 minutes before Malmö FF was first played correctly for the first time in the Norwegian press.

And Uwe Rösler – who hitherto chased Johan Dahlin when the Obama administration chased Bin Laden – cheated as if the home team were 1-0.

But that has not changed much.

It was said that the Stadion lawn would benefit MFF, but that did not happen.

The pace never got louder. The long balls of Dahlin are won by the Norwegians.

A desperate Malmö FF abandoned his idea.


Sören Rieks made a formidable first half on his left side while at the same time there was a rivalry after Captain Rosenberg and the MFF never managed to find something fast, an offensive combination thrown across the floor to open the resistance.

We were hoping for a new MFF after a break, but when Rösler and the team did something to change the deadlock, they replaced right-back Andreas Vindheim and placed the right-hander on the right.

Two minutes later, Sarpsborg took the lead after beating two offensive knockouts and miscalculating Lasse Nielsen and Eric Larsson when Patrick Mortensen got the ball.

At the same time, Besiktas turned away from Genk and the situation that looked so good to the blue sky suddenly was hell.

But the replica of the MFF came quickly and was absolutely necessary.

As in the away game, there was a cross from left to right that opened Sarpsborg.

Bachirou struck in sheer frustration, Eric Larsson bowed, and on Markus Rosenberg's nickname, Tamm from Joona opened it openly for Marcus Antonsson.

1-1 in the frame, but we can never say that the Malmö FF was near or even deserved by a management goal.

Carlos Strandberg has been replaced and in the last five also Romain Gall.

But then it was too late.


For the home team had strong minutes just after the goal and the stadium won the victory.

Mainly, the MFF felt when Eric Larsson at high speed and the ball under control flew to an offensive penalty area with players right in front of the goal.

But instead of looking for Antonsson or Rosenberg, MFF's backs broke contact with his opponent.

Eric Larsson did not play off a good attack without much momentum.

The back of the MFF was being warned, the game was stopped for more than a minute and it took Malmö almost five minutes to reach an established attack.

At the same time that the Malmö FF performed poorly, it is only a matter for the Norwegian championship.

Sarpsborg secured their second consecutive game to get Malmö FF to lose faith in his own idea.

Sarpsborg received a point against Malmö FF for the second consecutive game.

For the Malmö FF's advance dream of group play, it is a tough and difficult battle.

It was against the small team in southern Norway that the MFF scored six points and then took the next step, further away from the group's game.

Now you've taken two.

That's not enough.


When the fog relaxed, everything seemed worse for the Malmö FF.

1-1 at Stadion also means that the offside goal of the MFF in Norway has been recognized.

However, the jump survives since Genk sent it to 1-1 at home against Besiktas.

For Malmö FF to advance, it will probably be a win and a draw in the remaining two games – first Genk at home since Besiktas was needed.

It's a really difficult task.

And watching the games against Sarpsborg, the Malmö FF will not do it.

Because on the role are matches against the Genk and away from the Besiktas games, the MFF should not win.

Fortunately, for Uwe Rösler, Markus Rosenberg and all other Blowjobs, the MFF is contradictory enough to be better at better endurance when it comes to Europe's game.


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