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It is estimated that around 30% of the population of Sweden is allergic to pollen.

Earlier this year, scientists warned This season is expected to be the worst since it began measuring levels 50 years ago.

Unfortunately, there is also the risk that this will get worse in the future.

According to an American study, the number of people with allergies increased in the country. First, it is believed to have become a warmer climate on Earth, which means that the pollen season lasts longer and exposes more people, which CNN reported for the first time.

In addition, flowering also increases in areas that previously had relatively low levels, as plants migrate north when they get warmer.

The American researchers concluded that, in the worst case, the pollen season could extend for a full month in certain places.

Even the increase in quantity Carbon dioxide seems to cause some plants like ambrosias to bend their pollen content and their pollen becomes even more potent.

"In the past, you could not even see the pollen on the windows before March, but we do now. People hear from us all the time and inform us about the increased allergy problems. There is definitely a link to climate change, says Waldron angel, Communicator of the American Association of Asthma and Allergy, to CNN.


Advice for Asthma and Allergy Association to Reduce Your Pollen Problems:

✓ Avoid outdoor exercise during the pollen season

✓ Wash your hair at night before going to bed

✓ Do not jump in the bedroom before bed.

The most common allergenic pollen varieties in Sweden come from deciduous trees, mainly birch, algae and hazel, as well as grasses and gray dwarfs.

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