Reduced budget without social assistance initiatives – Policy


The budget Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson handed over to the Riksdag was cut back and down as announced.

"It's far less inspiring to develop a budget that is not politically driven," she told a news conference.

A transition budget should not contain proposals with a clear party policy orientation. This means that the five billion in general government grants to municipalities and municipal councils announced last year are not included. At the same time, the four-year commitment to shorten the island of cancer is extended. It would have ended at the turn of the year, but will receive another 500 million by 2019.

As medicine today said earlier, uncertainty surrounding state subsidies made it difficult for the country's councils and regions to budget and decide on tax rates.

– This can be seen as a base plate for the county council. I respect the state of the counties and regions of the country in their budget processes. Now, 2019 will be around 2018 and therefore have the opportunity to continue the work in progress, "says Annika Strandhäll, (S), Social Minister of the Transitional Government in a written commentary to the budget.

Some reassessments are made, in accordance with the principles discussed by the government with the Alliance and the Left Party.

The pharmaceutical benefit is recorded at 1.9 billion, according to the principle that the necessary social functions should be maintained.

When a new government takes over, it has the opportunity to add a change budget after the turn of the year.

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