Red Dead Betan Online starts tomorrow (for some)


Rockstar is committed to beta testing Red Dead Onlinemultiplayer part of Red Dead Redemption 2, from November. Betan will be available at different stages during this week, debuted tomorrow for whoever bought the Ultimate release. On Friday, it is available to those who bought Dead Red 2, regardless of version.

These times and conditions apply:

  • Tuesday, November 27, at 00:00 14:30 – Who bought Ultimate Edition has access to beta

  • Wednesday, November 28 – All that played Red Dead Redemption 2 October 26 (release date) will be given access.

  • Thursday, November 29 – Everyone who played Red Dead 2 from November 26 to 29 will have access

  • Friday, November 30 – Everyone who owns Dead Red 2 You can play betan.

Rockstar does not provide concrete information on game modes and other things (you will be informed tomorrow), but it describes the online mode as a whole. Red Dead Online is played in the same world as Red Dead 2. You can create and customize your character, both in terms of appearance and abilities. The world can be explored alone or with friends, you can create or join an "armed group" with up to eight players in all. Besides indulgence like hunting and fishing, attracted by fighters between different gangs, for those who are in a good mood. There are also missions, treasures and spontaneous and planned confrontations between different bandits.

Developers emphasize that it's a beta version and that the goal is to get players to contribute feedback. It will be updated and filled with content continuously. There is no indication how long the beta should last before being improved.

FZ plans to flow from the bait as it grows tomorrow. Stay tuned!

All characters point out that Red Dead Redemption 2 sold crazy well, so do not be surprised if there is strong pressure on the servers in the first time.


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