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Easter is a great weekend of food for many and it is about the food we found to leave.

More and more people choose to take in dishes At large holiday tables that do not contain animal products and for vegetarians and vegans, there are a growing number of vegan options during Easter.

Here are five recipes for Animal rights site "Choose Vego" for those who want to expand green alternatives to Easter.

1. Avocado halves with the shaft

Fresh avocado halves filled with vegetarian cake made from fresh oat fraiche, seaweed room and dill. Suitable for boiled potatoes or rye bread.

2. Spicy Pieces with Ginger and Orange

Marinated vegobits in freshly squeezed orange juice and ginger. Fantastic food of choice or appetizer that can be made in any vegobit.

Classic archipelago herring in vegetarian vintage made of eggplant. Suitable for rye or boiled potatoes.

Yellow is the color of Easter and this cheescake shines beautifully yellow with a fresh mango enamel. A classic in road racing that is easy to play together.

Did you know there is a salt that resembles the taste of boiled egg? Certainly, kala namak salt, which is widely used in dishes from parts of South Asia, gives a similar flavor to the sulfur that resembles eggs. Fried tofu with kala namak and some other spices will be a perfect wall salad.

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