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Rafael Nadal facing Wimbledon: does not respect the ranking

– And because of that they get more difficult ties, Nadal continues in an interview with the Spanish TV channel Movistar.

The reason for Nadal's criticism of Wimbledon is that the grass tournament uses a proprietary seeding system, where the world ranking in combination with the shape of the grass determines which are the best seeds.

That means that world Nadal, who has yet to play an official grasshopper this year, is chosen as the third best player after both world-class rookie Novak Djokovic and world-renowned Roger Federer.

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– What does not seem right is that Wimbledon is the only tournament that does this. It would be more correct if all the tournaments did the same.

The fact that Nadal is third is that he has Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer in his half of the game schedule.

"Obviously, it would be better to take second place than third, but if they think I should be third, I will accept it and fight to win the matches I have to win," said Nadal.

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