Prostitution is widespread in massage parlors that hit the police


During the spring, civilian police repeatedly visited eleven massage parlors located in Södertälje.

In eight of them, the police received sexual services for payment.

– We've been there as regular guests and in connection with the massage we were offered sex in all its forms. It has been called "happy ending" and many other services, says Torbjörn Hermansson in the police in Södertälje to Aftonbladet.

"Very, very widespread"

The result was one hundred percent in three of the facilities visited. Which means several police officers were offered sex on all visits.

This is very widespread. If there are so many massage places offering sex in Södertälje, why would not it be so in the rest of the country, says Torbjörn Hermansson.

Police explain that no one in the massage parlors is suspected of a crime. On the other hand, the landlords were informed of what is happening at their premises to prevent prostitution.

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