Prostate screening is possible within five years


Photo: Dan Hansson / SvD / TT

Sample of PSA in the form of a blood sample to detect prostate cancer. Stock Photography.


Within five years, the mass test, called screening, could be used to detect prostate cancer in men. The National Health Council writes in a new report commissioned by the government, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

The government, despite the pressure, until recently said not to use the current PSA test, claiming that it may lead to overdiagnosis and that the method is very uncertain. But now the National Council on Health and Welfare writes that screening may be possible and tells SvD that extensive research is under way to develop and test supplementary methods that could improve the situation relatively quickly.

The report also mentions that within five years, screening may be required to detect lung cancer. For a long time, screening for breast and cervical cancer has been used, and this year, thickness and rectal tests will be introduced for people between the ages of 64 and 74 years.


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